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Making Natural Herbal Vaginal Dryness Cream

During my years practicing acupuncture at a hormonal health clinic, I often found myself instructing women on how to make vaginal cream for chronic dryness or flora imbalances leading to the overproduction of yeast or candida.


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How Fast Do Herbs Work?

Website Visitor Asks:

How long does it take to see a difference using your herb formulas; I have been suffering with fibromyalgia for many years and started taking the Ageless Herbs Minor Blue Dragon formula a few weeks ago and cannot tell a difference.


Fibromyalgia is often more difficult than other conditions, but any chronic health condition is going to take time to reverse. I wish that all healing was instantaneous! This would be especially helpful in our rural community acupuncture clinic where the patients are not familiar with natural healing and often have unrealistic expectations.

The FAQ’s page outlines more of what you should expect with natural healing. It is often said that it takes 1 month of natural therapies for each year of affliction, so chronic conditions it can take a long time. This rule does vary greatly from person to person, and I have seen people heal faster expected many times.

I totally understand your frustration and have been known to be a bit impatient myself, but healing is a process; “it takes as long as it takes”, one of my teachers used to say. Addressing emotional issues can also help speed up the process greatly, especially with something like fibromyalgia as emotions are directly related to health issues in Chinese medicine.

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Chinese Herbs for COPD

Website Visitor Writes:

Hi Catherine,

I saw my doctor last week and diagnosed me with COPD. My breathing has been labored for many months now and it’s getting worse. I know that there is no way to cure COPD; my doctor said it would likely just continue getting worse even though I quit smoking 20 years ago. I am just wondering if there are any Chinese herbs to slow the progression.


Don’t be so certain that COPD is your slow death sentence! I have seen the symptoms related to COPD reversed hundreds of times in clinic using tonic herbs and acupuncture.

Our website has been receiving dozens emails from people reporting how herbs have restored their quality of life through better breathing. Two people reported being able to get off there oxygen for most of the day after only a few months use of White Tiger Return lung formula.

The great thing about Chinese tonic herbs is that they are a way to restore health to the lungs, not just address symptoms temporarily. I actually developed the formula for my asthma patients in acupuncture clinic many years ago, but started having good results with COPD more recently.

Typically, patients with COPD use the formula non-stop for 6 months and adopt a maintenance level of 1 month on and one month off the formula; patients usually report improved breathing within 3 weeks time. I have yet to have a patient who took a full course of treatment and did not improve dramatically, so you should feel hope and optimism related to you health! Find a Community Acupuncture Clinic in your area for affordable acupuncture treatments (sliding scale $15-35).

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