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Is Hawthorn Leaf or Berry Better to Use?

A Visitor to the website asks:

Hello, I was thinking about incorporating
Hawthorn into my diet, I was hoping if I could ask you some general questions.

 1. I am thinking of using a tea or powder, which one would be the most effective way to avail the benefits of the hawthorn berry? ( I don’t want to use a tincture)
2. Also, which is better the leaves and the flower or the berry?
 Thanks again

They are both considered gentle Heart tonics, but the berry tends to be used more with digestive issues, and the leaf and flower more as a cardio-tonic; I use both in our Blood Mansion formula. You will need more than a tea bag to experience the tonic effects, but a tea would be best of the leaf and flower. The berry powder can be incorporated in to foods easily.