Making Natural Herbal Vaginal Dryness Cream

During my years practicing acupuncture at a hormonal health clinic, I often found myself instructing women on how to make vaginal cream for chronic dryness or flora imbalances leading to the overproduction of yeast or candida.


At the time I was renting an apartment and did not have a production area for remedies. It was never an easy task for my patients to assemble the ingredients and make the cream on their own, but a few actually did.

It’s a pretty easy process. We first heat up vegetable oil; in this case we used organic coconut oil, but olive oil works well too. Then, candalilla wax is added to the hot oil to dissolve. Because coconut oil solidifies at 75*, less wax is necessary than when using olive oil; about a 10:1 ratio with coconut oil and 6:1 with olive oil. Then we add shea butter, neem seed oil, borage seed oil, avocado oil, natural vitamin e oil, organic herbs and pure essential oils.v-cream

The mixture should be as cool as possible without turning solid when adding the essential oils as they are volatile and will evaporate if added to a very hot mix. This melted mix is then poured in to jars where it is allowed to cool and solidify. All of the ingredients are listed here: Herbal Vaginal Cream





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