Making Four Flowers Facial Toner

I wanted to make a gentle skin toner that was astringent but not drying to the skin; there is quite a distinction as it turns out.

Astringent herbs help to tighten pores and tone skin which is something we all want. But most toners contain high concentrations of alcohol which is quite drying to the skin. I opted to use Vitamin C and lower concentrations of alcohol to preserve the toner. Then I added demulcent herbs such as comfrey root to add an emollient quality to our Four Flower Toner.

Calendula flowers shown above being harvested at my herb farm, jasmine flowers, chamomile flowers, and chrysanthemum flowers were infused in a strong decoction before pure essential oils were added. The flowers nourish and lighten dark spots on the face. Overall, this delicious toner has a delicate floral aroma and gentle tightening qualities that work for any skin type. Learn more here: Four Flowers Facial Toner



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