Making Natural Herbal Burn Remedy

Our burn remedies contain a famous ancient Chinese herbal medicine for burns called Zi Cao Gen, or Purple Herb Root, along with other cooling herbs and pure essential oils of lavender. You can see that the root at the top right is truly a dark purple color, and the salve is a beautiful hue of red as a result.


Sea Buckthorn Berries (seen in the bottom left corner) has been the subject of promising new research for burn patients. An interesting strategy of healing burns in Chinese medicine is to gently move blood with herbs included such as Di Yu (upper left corner). Moving blood speeds healing, but blood is also one of the main coolants of our body.

For the spray we infuse the herbs in a water-alcohol menstrum that pulls out the active ingredients and results in a tincture that is then blended with pure essential oils. The salve is an oil infusion. These remedies are highly effective and essential for any first aid kit. The spray is handy for sunburns and the salve is great for contact burns while cooking.

Learn more here: Burn SprayBurn Salve


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