Breast Health Cream

The inspiration behind our unique new Breast-Support Cream came from women in my clinic who were seeking breast cancer after-care. These patients had been through the fight of their live’s having survived chemotherapy,

radiation, gene therapy, and other heroic interventions to eradicate cancer tumors/growths. While “cured” technically, these women come for acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help them regain a sense of emotional and physical balance so that they remain cancer free.

We have long been administering our Lymph Drainage Plaster for breast cancer patients who have had lymph nodes removed and are experiencing edema, but this cream helps to increase the flow of Blood and Qi and helps to speed healing and promote breast health.

This is how we make the cream. We blend organic oils, rich shea butter, medicinal herbs and pure essential oils in this all-natural botanical cream. In addition to the therapeutic value, the cream nourishes tender breast tissue and has a light floral aroma. More details here: Breast-Support Cream



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