Insomnia and Breast Cancer

Website Visitor Asks:

I have ongoing sleeping problems plus recovered from breast cancer recently. Please let me know what to
Thanks! I think suanzaoren herb??

I don’t know if you read the ‘insomnia’ article located on the sitemap page of the website, but it can be helpful in understanding insomnia. There can be a lot of different presentations of insomnia. If you want to fill out the online evaluation linked at the top of each page, I can be much more specific with a recommendation.

Typically breast cancer will have an element of ‘Liver Qi Stagnation‘ (article site map) and this also relates to insomnia. If you have gone through radiation or chemotherapy, those procedures consume Yin and Blood which help to ground you so that you can sleep at night.

I think that the herb you may be looking for is schizandra to calm the mind for sleeping (it is great for many other things also). There are also a class of herbs called ‘nervines’ that we include in our Calm the Dragon formula that are very calming and help you get to sleep.

With the limited information provided, I would suggest that you look at Sage Mountain formula which will help build Blood, Yin and reinforce the Wei Qi (immune system) It will also nourish the Spleen Qi, and Spleen imbalances are often indicated with breast cancer as the Spleen energetic channel traverses the breasts.

Additionally, our Free and Easy Wanderer formula will release Liver Qi constraints leading to Liver Qi Stagnation and contribute to insomnia. Please let me know if you have any questions after perusing the formulas and related articles.

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